Welcome to Hidden Treasures of Bluffton, where history comes alive through the wheels of our golf carts. If you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of tales from the past, or simply someone curious about the footsteps that shaped the vibrant tapestry of Bluffton, South Carolina, then our Civil War golf cart tour is a journey you won’t want to miss.

Explore, Engage, Uncover: That’s our motto, and we’re here to take you on a journey through time, retracing the pivotal role that Bluffton played during the Civil War era. Strap in as we navigate through the heart of Old Town Bluffton, revealing hidden gems and rich narratives that shaped the course of history.

Step by Step Through the Pages of the Past

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Historic Campbell Chapel A. M. E. Church: Our journey begins at the oldest church building in Bluffton’s Historic District. This church, erected in 1853, stands as a resilient testament to the history it witnessed. Surviving the burning of Bluffton in 1863, it symbolizes the indomitable spirit of a community that persevered.

Wright Family Park: As we roll on, we find serenity at the newest waterfront park in South Carolina. This park, like Bluffton itself, exudes peace and tranquility. Though not expansive, it offers a powerful escape, inviting visitors to unwind and connect with the town’s soothing aura.

Squire Pope House: The Squire Pope House serves as a poignant reminder of Bluffton’s past. Once the carriage house and outbuildings for a grand summer house, this structure reflects the resilience of its inhabitants, who fused the remaining buildings into a home after the ravages of the Civil War.

Calhoun Street Dock (Big Wharf): Immerse yourself in the commerce hub of yesteryears. With boats and steamers bustling, this area was pivotal for regional trade, connecting Bluffton to the world. Stories of love and family emerge from these docks, where life intertwined with the river’s ebb and flow.

Heyward House Welcome Center: A warm welcome awaits at the heart of Bluffton’s hospitality. The Heyward House, built by enslaved West Africans in 1841, houses the town’s cultural essence. Here, you can delve into maps, brochures, and narratives that paint a vivid picture of Bluffton’s past.

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Huger Cove: A playful pause to recall the childhood joys of swimming holes and daring dives. Huger Cove, a memory of carefree days and laughter, offers a glimpse into the simple joys that have woven themselves into Bluffton’s history.

Church of the Cross: The architectural marvel that is the Church of the Cross rises before us. Designed by Charleston architect Edward Brickell White, its Gothic revival style holds a rich tapestry of stories. Pine and oil illuminate the path to history, now preserved as a National Historic Place.

Heyward Cove: Another cove, another slice of history. Heyward Cove’s waterfront charm provided access for pedestrians during the 19th century. Imagine the footsteps that once echoed on these shores, the stories they carried, and the lives they shaped.

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